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4 High-Paying Jobs that Do Not Require a Degree in Australia

Jobs Engine AU March 16, 2022

In modern society, university seems to be the perfect avenue for a well-paying job. However, this belief is quickly becoming outdated as more and more people are earning tens of thousands of dollars working in careers they never studied for at the university. The truth is you need the training to become an expert in your job, but it is not true that you must have a degree to get a well-paying job in Australia. Here are the four high-paying jobs that do not require a degree.

1. Construction Manager

A construction manager is in charge of coordinating and supervising a wide range of construction projects. The continuous growth in the real estate industry in Australia has strengthened the demand for construction managers, which explains the high salary. A construction manager in Australia earns an average annual salary of $159,784 in Australia.

2. Project Manager

Project managers organize and manage tasks, inventories, clients, and stakeholders. They help ensure tasks are completed on time as per the budget. If you have excellent organizational and time-keeping skills, this could be the job for you. In Australia, project managers earn an average annual salary of $122,141.

3. ICT Manager

An ICT manager oversees the security of ICT systems and creates strategic plans related to ICT that help streamline operations in an organization. A diploma in Information technology (Advanced Networking ) which provides insight into cybersecurity and network installations, is enough to get you working as an ICT manager. ICT managers earn $111,937 per year.

4. Electrician

An electrician is responsible for fixing various electrical units or wiring in residential and commercial properties. To become an electrician, you do not need a degree—all you need is an Electrician Apprenticeship that helps you specialize in any sector. Electricians in Australia earn $87,095 per year.

Final Thoughts

Today, organizations take a skills-based approach to hiring rather than the degree-based approach, which was common in the past few decades. Therefore, don't shy away from applying for a job because you don't have a degree. You never know; it may open other opportunities to grow your skills more than ever before.