Career Tips

How a cover letter can boost your chances of landing a job

Jobs Engine AU May 20, 2022

While they're not mandatory, cover letters play a critical role in the job application process as they help you sell yourself to the recruiter. That's why some companies may request you send a cover letter along with your resume. If you have been applying for jobs without including a cover letter, here are a few reasons you should start including it.

Showcases Your Personality

The tone, grammar, style of writing, and overall content of the cover letter demonstrate your personality. Your recruiter can detect personal qualities such as determination, self-motivation, leadership, and level of communication.

Builds a Relationship With Your Potential Employer

A friendly cover letter that matches the company's tone can quickly help you land a job, as employers are often looking for individuals that fit naturally in the roles they apply for. Use the opportunity wisely by including information your readers may be looking for to ensure they read your cover letter to the end.

Demonstrates Suitability

A cover letter provides an excellent opportunity to elaborate on your previous role, success, and why you think you're the best candidate. You can match your skills, achievements, and experience with the job requirements and use the success from previous roles to effectively convince your potential employer.

Showcases Your Passion for the Role

You can use a cover letter to explain your strong interest in working for the organization. It's also important to tell what you know and value about the company and what attracts you the most to work in that company. Carefully demonstrating your in-depth understanding of your role and your employer's needs sets you apart from the rest of the candidates.


To write a winning cover letter, read the job description carefully and respond to any questions asked in the description. If the hiring company requires a cover letter, use the opportunity to impress your employer by detailing everything in the job description. There is a big chance that the cover letter will determine whether to proceed with checking your resume or not.