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How to Answer "Tell Us About Yourself" in a Job Interview

Jobs Engine AU August 16, 2021

Approximately nine out of every ten interviews involve the question "Tell us about yourself," and there are reasons behind it. Apart from being an icebreaker or conversation starter, this question is also used to weigh your ability to express yourself and whether you understand your experience, skills, and qualifications.

If answered correctly, you may just be the best candidate for the position you're applying for and makes the rest of the interview easier and more comfortable. Not sure where to start, what to include, and what not to say? Don't panic. Here is how you can flawlessly construct an answer to any "tell us about yourself" question.

Understand your interviewer

Do your homework well and study the job application to capture what your interview is looking to hear from you. Remember your answer will determine your next question. A common mistake many people make is talking about their personal life, family, religion, and other non-professional-related matters. Keep your answer solely focused on your professional career.

Choose an essential skill for the position

It is best to choose to discuss a qualification that is relevant to the position you are applying for and explain every strength briefly. With knowledge of what your interviewer is looking to hear, select your words wisely.

Explain the skill in the form of a story

Don't ramble. Explain your answer in story form. People are more interested in listening to stories rather than facts and figures. Take time to let your interviewer process the information and ask you any questions they might have for clarification.

Give metrics that show the extent of your achievement

Talk about your accomplishments, tools that you used to improve your experience. Mention your leadership skills and your work ethic, including how your innovative solutions enhance productivity. Don't speak about salary expectations, management, and role expectations unless asked.

Explain how this new opportunity will help grow your skills

Express your willingness to learn and show confidence in adapting to the new work environment and positions. Show a positive attitude and briefly explain what you wish to accomplish if hired and how this opportunity will grow your talent.

Don't forget to prepare in advance

Go over your answer and rehearse what to say--you can record yourself on your mobile or talk in front of a mirror. You can also involve your family and friends to help polish up and perfect your answer.