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Top 4 IT Jobs In-Demand in Australia

Jobs Engine AU September 17, 2021 says that the demand for ICT jobs, including support technicians and software engineers, is increasing. Let's dive into the skills you need to pursue four IT careers.

1. IT Systems Architect

An IT system architect develops, implements, and supports computer systems. They include computer hardware and software programs, web portals, systems security, servers, firewalls, the Internet, and intranet connections.

You must have these skills to follow this career.

  • Python
  • Java
  • Linux
  • C++
  • Technical support
  • Cloud architecture
  • Project management

To work as an IT system architect, you should have a first degree in computer science or software engineering.

2. IT Manager

An IT manager ensures that an organisation meets all its technological needs. They make IT business plans, supervise network security, hardware and software installations, and direct online plans.

You need the skills below to win this in-demand profession.

  • Information technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Computer sciences
  • IT Service management
  • Business Processes

An IT degree with years of managerial experience can land you a job in this career.

3. IT Security Architect

An IT security architect maintains a company's computer security system. They make sure that hackers don't gain access to the computer system.

As an IT security architect, you should have these abilities.

  • Information security
  • IT risk management with a specialisation in security
  • Security protocols
  • Authorisation and security
  • Cryptography
  • Authentication

You must have a bachelor's degree in computer science, IT and long years of experience in IT security for this profession.

4. Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer creates, implements, and manages cloud-based solutions for organisations.

These are the skills you should have for this job in Australia.

  • Networking
  • Database skills
  • Virtualisation
  • DevOps
  • Programming
  • Linux
  • Python

A bachelor's degree in computer science or IT and some experience can help you get a job in this field.

You can work for government departments or private companies if you follow any of these careers. The demand for IT professionals is skyrocketing. Make a move now!